Friday, 20 September 2013

Surviving life after graduation

It’s your graduation! Celebration of your passover from the university. You are finally leaving the confines of your university. Here comes the convocation ceremony; you are now recognised as a full-fledged graduate, and your quest to earn a degree has eventually ended with glory. Family and friends chanting, graduate, graduate, graduate! And it’s like the world is bowing before you.
It’s the next morning after the graduation ceremony, and the world that seemed to be bowing before you the previous day now appears to be trampling on you. Then the big question finds its way into your mind, what should I do next?
Life after graduation is like a rebirth into this world, but in this case of birth, your senses are complete and effective. You are like a prepared soldier that can't spot his enemy; like a freshman, starting life in a different realm with a different course. It takes quality skills to survive life after graduation. The failure of some adults can be traced down to the lack of these skills when they left school.

Here are a few approaches to take to survive life after graduation
Show gratitude to your parents/guardian: you would most likely have huge debts tied on your neck if you were to go to school on loans. But your free sponsor (parents or guardian) avoided that. Don't you get it? They settled all your academic bills! Show them gratitude for this; it’s really a tough road for them to ride on.
Think of the opportunity costs they have incurred in the last 3–5 years of your schooling. If they had invested all the money they spent on your education on some business, their financial status would have been raised to a relative high extent. Instead they incurred all the costs just to make you have that cherished paper. They really deserve your appraisal for them; don’t hesitate to show it!

Get a low-cost accommodation: whoops! College accommodation has expired, and you really need a roof above your head, you need a bed to sleep on, you need a door to shut for your privacy—you need accommodation!
If there is a free room in your parents’ or guardian’s house, go get it; stay with them for a little time, while you go in search of job opportunities. This will avert the initial cost of accommodation, and those notes in your pocket can be used to settle other expenses like feeding and transportation.
If there is no available space in your parents’ or guardian’s house, get a low-cost accommodation. You really don’t need a magnificent accommodation at this stage, if at all you could afford it. You can team up with some other person when securing accommodation so as to make the cost less for you to bear.

Grow up: your playful college days are over. Things have changed. The environment around you has changed. In fact, you are new to the environment. You need to change along—you need to grow up.
Visits to parties should be drastically reduced. Long-lasting talks in restaurants/bars should be cut down. Sex-inspired relationships should be brought to a stop. Rather build more life-inspiring relationships with the new people around you. Work on areas of your life that need improvement; areas like habits, personal finance and time.
Hey, you’re not a student anymore. So relate more with the working class folks in your locality. Read books on living a responsible life. Take good care of yourself; no one will do that for you.

Sustain your job: when you get a job, sustain it. Make it a habit to be punctual to work, and successfully accomplish every task assigned to you. Be submissive to your superiors; build adorable work-inspired relationships with your colleagues. You are a newbie in your workplace; don’t start to act like an expert in your field.
Get yourself familiarized with the dos and don’ts of your firm. Avoid building sexual relationships with your colleagues; this will have an adverse effect on your performance. Don’t be static, instead continuously work on your technical-know-how and work attitude; and work your way up to the top.

Explore other passions: in your days in the university, there could be other passions, besides your course of study, you discovered, but your academic workload did not create any room for you to practise them. Now is the time to explore such passions. A new passion that is exercised may change your life for better, and probably forever.
These passions could be singing, song-writing, sports etc.  I’m only guessing, you alone know those passions, and it’s good you practise them.

Have fun: they say, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Don’t be that dull Jack. Be an exciting you. Always squeeze out time for relaxation and fun-filled activities, as this is highly necessary for your physical and mental well-being.

If you are in a relationship, spend time with your partner. Indulge in their hobbies with them. Go swimming, hiking and whatever fun-filled activity you love to do. Just have fun!

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